30 Jul 2014

Berry Applicious - Respect And Honour Blog Train

On the 28th July 1914 the great war began. 
The train will go live 28th July 2014 to celebrate the 100th anniversary.
Join us as we remember and honour a generation who served.
This is our way of saying thank you for all who put there lives on the line to do there bit for us.
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Mary Presley said...

What a wonderful remembrance for this cause! Where would we be without the men and women that gave more than we can ever repay to them!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Karen pankras said...

Thank you for your compliment Mary. Hope you can use the papers. If you like please show me.
Hugs !!

Miggins said...

Thank you so much for your contribution hun i love the papers :)

R said...

Thank you for sharing your papers with us.